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All-Compassionate One, be always the foremost thought in my mind.

In illness and health, longing and fulfillment, sadness and bliss,

Grant that I may see you at work and know that it is good.


You are the source of all things, the material of all worlds,

The soul of my soul, heart of my heart,

The air that I breathe and the reason that I am.


For all things should I praise You.

Every moment I should thank You.

With every action, grant that I may worship you.


How can I conceive of Your grandeur,

In whose mind has the universe its being?

Not by anyone can You truly be known.


Yet You dwell as the true self

In the heart of every being.

We are One beyond the mind’s understanding.


Praise and glory and worship to You

For this Grace, this miracle of Being!

The One God, the One Truth,

The All in All,

In every faith, in every heart, everywhere.


Peace, peace, peace be unto all.


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Muslim_at_prayer_in_Ortakoy_MosqueAs I lay myself down to sleep, let me remember, Master, that it is at your feet that I slumber.

May my thoughts be of nothing but you, my wishes be to love and serve you, and my dreams be filled with the sense of your presence.

Keep my loved ones safe and content.

Hold all troubles at bay.

Grant that the morning may bring me the sense of peace that comes with the knowledge of your boundless love for me.

May the new day bring an end to suffering.

I give myself over to your purposes. Grant that I may give myself without reservation or thought of myself.

Let my day be filled with you, dedicated to you, sanctified by you.

Thank you, Lord, for your endless blessings. There is no greater miracle than the love with which you shower us.

May every hour find me praising you. May I ceaselessly worship you with all that I do. Make my life long that I may adore you for many years to come. But should my life be cut short, may I die chanting your holy name, and be reborn into a family who loves you.

Peace, peace, peace be into all.

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My God, see that I love for love’s sake alone.

Let me not love with thought of gain, but with willingness to give all.

Let me not love with thought of fulfillment, but with desire to be emptied of desire.

Let me not love with thought of self, but with knowledge that there is no other.

For only when love is pure does it purge our selfishness.

Only when love is bold does it cure the disease of weakness.

Only when love is free does it release us from all bondage.

May it be so with all beings everywhere.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all

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How did we reach the point, Father, that our parents and grandparents have become disposable?

He told me that his wife is in pain, but they have no money, no means to visit a doctor. I asked about their son, in his big house and with his good job.

“Oh, he is very busy. Always busy.”

She said she was happy she was moving, but she would miss her son terribly. Surely he would come to visit before she left, I said.

“Oh, he is very busy. A lot on his mind.”

And let us not forget me, Father. Did I give her a chance? Did I try to work things out? Did I even say a quick “goodbye?”

I packed the truck and drove away and did not so much as look back for a decade. And her poor, old, sweet heart broke for me.

What wretched children we are. What mindless neglect we practice. Am I not a devotee of the Father and Mother of all? Are we not born of the earthly representatives of our Creator?

What temerity!

Help us, Father, for we have strayed so very far from our ideals. Give us such love and devotion for You as to see You in every man who called “father” and every woman beloved as “mother.” Give us dedication, mindfulness, and compassion, and let us set an example for our own children, so that, dying in our beds many years from now, we are not alone, suffering, wondering why our children have forsaken us.

Shine the light of Grace upon the neglected and the lost, and bring them peace.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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beeThere are days that I feel this way:

I don’t want to read books about you, or hear sermons about you, or talk about you with my peers.

I don’t want to look for you in buildings, or in sacred rivers, or in holy people, or in devotional works of art.

I can’t be bothered with philosophy or reason. I don’t care for poetry or song. You couldn’t force me to sit for prayer or meditation, to chant or count on beads.

Take your scriptures and your saints, your icons and your religious garb, your holiday festivals and your rites of passage — take them all in a great procession and drown them in your holy river. Let them sink out of sight and be gone forever,

because I love you too much to waste another moment not lost in the bliss of loving you.

because I want you, wholly and fully, in every beat of my heart, every breath, every thought.

because I am on fire with the madness of desire, the disease of clinging, the wounds of ignorance, and only your constant presence can extinguish the flame.

So make me to read the scriptures and hear the sermons, bathe in the rivers and offer the incense, wear the robes and worship in your houses,

but first fill me to bursting with love for you, and the endless sense of your presence,

for there is no holiness in all the holy things of world without your lending holiness to them.

Peace, peace, peace be unto.

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River_Embrace_by_lindowyn_stockMy dearest friend, will you listen to me a while? I could use some sage advice.

I am tired lately. It’s not just a lack of sleep. I feel worn down, wrung out like a wet towel. I ache in body and mind. There’s a chill that goes down deep and winter has nothing to do with it.

And there’s a brooding sadness in my heart like an ice-cube that never melts.

And my mind is out of control! Desires running amok, bad decisions galore, loneliness like I haven’t felt in years and a surging, vibrating unrest that steals away my attention any time I set my focus on some higher ideal.

Nothing seems quite right. All the things of life seem slightly askew, moderately out of balance. It’s as if I’m inside a photograph that isn’t focused properly.

What is this? What can I do about it? I feel like I’ve come too far to be set back by petty feelings. At the same time, I feel like all my experience is worthless in the face of these obstacles.

Honestly, I don’t want only your advice. I don’t only want you to lend an ear to my troubles. I need you. I need your strength, your love. I need you to be my foundation and shelter. I need you to take responsibility for me, because no amount of effort on my part is going to solve my problems.

I am the problem. I put myself in this situation, I dug these canyons of depression and craving, and they’ve taken on a life of their own, become rivers of misery and want. They’re too big for me to fill them in. Every shovel-full of earth I throw in is washed away

But you can dam the rivers. You can dry up their beds. You can fill them with black earth and plant there the seeds of love, discipline, renunciation, and reason.

I want you to be the architect of my life. I want you to take all the responsibility. I’ll do the work, but you give the orders, you guide my hands. And you take the credit when the all is said and done.

There. I’ve lain the whole thing at your feet. It’s yours to arrange as you wish; I don’t want any part of that. I’ll just keep my eyes on you, keep doing my job and singing my song, until your plans are at their end.

I feel better already.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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Longing for the Beloved

BelovedHow short is our time together! How often interrupted! Mere moments to tell you how I love you when ages would not be long enough to tell it all.

I have only a few minutes with you each day, barely long enough to repeat your sweet name a few times, before the world drags me away.

What can the world give me? You are my home, my refuge. You are all beauty, all light. You are always new yet never-changing, always giving yet never depleted.

How can the things of the world compare to you? I don’t want them anymore, just give me yourself for eternity. Give me your sweet face, your entrancing eyes. Give me the music of your voice and the endless joy of your holy company.

I don’t know why you don’t grant me this boon this instant, for I know you love me dearly. I cannot understand your will and your ways. So I will not try to. I will steal away every moment that I can, and with my mind in worship of your precious feet, I will repeat your blessed name. I will call out to you from the depths of my heart’s longing.

One day you will answer. One day you will come to me. And glorious that day will be.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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