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ResurrectionMy friend and brother, Lord and Master, revolutionary of the heart,

I will trudge ever onward to the goal you have set me;

I will mold myself in the image of your compassion;

I will lose myself in surrender to your mercy;

I will strive to see you in everyone, everywhere, always.

I cannot praise you enough nor thank you enough.

You are the Living God among us.


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Through Mists

Guide me through the mists that conceal my path from me. Be the lighthouse that leads me home. Kindle the hearth fire and put on the tea. Let us huddle together, Beloved, in your warm abode.

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May everyone everywhere feast upon Your divine and blissful love, always!

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2012-01-15 (28)In the most shadowed corners of life, I found you waiting for me, holding your lamp aloft. May I never forget that, Lord, for a moment.


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Northern_Baikal_RussiaWhat mercy you have shown me in forgiving my many faults, what grace by which you have led me into the bounty of your love, and what love with which you have pillowed my head every night of my life, may you give all that and more to every being in every world forever.

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Where I Was Going

DSC01583I lost my way again.

You’ll have to come looking for me, Master.

All the ways ahead of me look frightening and difficult.

I’m afraid you’ll have to carry me back home.

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flickr-6567106163-originalWhen I think I am one and alone in all things, and that many others surround me and are separate from me, please remind me that we are all One, all One together, and make me understand.

Make me understand.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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