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Let Me

hs-2012-01-g-large_webLet me fall asleep repeating your holy name,

and dream about your precious face,

and wake with the knowledge of you in my heart,

that I may carry on with another day.


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hs-2012-01-a-large_webThank you for loved ones to come home to.

Thank you for moment of solitude.

Thank you forĀ sustenanceĀ at hand.

Thank you for the opportunity to work.

Thank you for love and compassion and selflessness.

Thank you for indulgence and forgiveness.

Thank you for all

It is perfect.

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With You, My God

hs-2011-11-a-large_webWithout You, my God,

life is not possible.

You are the earth that sustains me,

the air that I breathe,

the blood in my veins,

the movements of my mind.

I am not, only You are.

Let me be gone as You live eternally in me.

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hs-2004-45-a-large_webMay I be hopeful in the midst of hopelessness,

Content in the midst of suffering,

A light unto others in darkness.

May I injure none,

cause suffering to none,

upset none in any way.

May I strive for all,

live for all,

love all forever.

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Original by Le Batteur de Lune, used under Creative Commons License

There was a hole in my heart, not because there was empty space there, but because You were there, and I could not see You.

But You have given me new eyes, and opened them wide, and shone a bright light to guide me.

And I see you, though through profuse tears of joy.

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hs-2009-28-b-large_webYou are the place where all things come to an end.

We will have our eternal rest in you.

But eternity is meaningless when time disappears,

when the cosmos itself winks out.

How can I ponder the vastness of Your heart

which beats within every living being?

Just give me pure love for Your holy feet,


and let me pass my days as you will.

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flickr-256755929-originalDespite my forgetfulness, You remember me.

Despite my fickleness, You are faithful to me.

Despite my shortsightedness, You always watch over me.

You are with me when I am not with You,

Loving me when I neglect You,

Deserving when I give You nothing,

You are always and forever.

Make me to Know you, my God.


*A hearty thanks to my dear Otter for keeping up with this blog during my recovery. I am blessed to have received her poignant and touching contributions.


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