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Well, I’m afraid this blog has been short-lived. It was a nice experiment, but I have not proven up to the task. For a while I enjoyed it, but it had become a drain and prayer must never be so.

Perhaps when my children are grown I will make another attempt. Or perhaps there will be no such things as blogs then. Or I’ll have no use for them.

Be well, my friends, and keep praying. The world needs you more than you know.

Peace, peace, peace be unto us all.


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DesertLord, give me the discipline,

the love for you,

and the wisdom

to live this life you have given me

in the face of everything.

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hs-2009-25-l-large_webWhat use are words when You are the origin of all thought?

But I cannot help myself.

I must tell You how I am madly in love with You.

Please indulge me, and listen.

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hs-2009-25-c-large_webLet me be restless to see You,

obsessed with You,

maddened by the thought of You.

Make me think of nothing but You.

What else could possibly be fulfilling.

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hs-2006-01-a-web_printNo matter if I come to You on my knees,

with tears in my eyes and a wail in my throat,

and beg You to reveal Yourself to me,

unless You fill me with pure love for You,

all is vain and wasted.

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hs-2002-11-f-large_webMay everyone realize You

in whichever way suits them.

May all grow to great wisdom

and infinite compassion.

May all suffering end immediately

and forever.

May we all know that we are God upon the earth.

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Lay Me Open

hs-2010-29-a-large_webLay me open to Your grace

life a leaf unfolding in the sun.

Shine upon me forever, my Lord,

with the warmth of Your boundless love.

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