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flickr-6567106163-originalWhen I think I am one and alone in all things, and that many others surround me and are separate from me, please remind me that we are all One, all One together, and make me understand.

Make me understand.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.


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SunThere is nothing to cling to.

Indeed, there is no clinging.

There is nothing by which to be repulsed.

Indeed, there is no repulsion.

There is no impurity to cleanse away.

Indeed, there is neither impurity nor purity.

There is no enlightenment to attain.

Indeed, there is no ignorance.

I am not this.

I am not that.

None of these things are in me.

I am in none of these things.

Nothing can hold me.

No one can keep me.

I am not merely free.

I am freedom itself.

And I will proclaim my Self from the tops of the mountains.

I will shout the Truth from the steps of every temple.

I will tell every being that I meet,

“I am divine, my sisters, my brother,

And so you are. And so are you.

For we are One. We are One!

And nothing can stop us now!”

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2010 11-10 51I see you everywhere.

You stand tall above us, looming in your majesty,

And you crouch before us in humility.

You are everything and everyone.

How can I call you by one name?

Let me call you by every name,

Serve you in every being,

Love you in every way,

Remember you with every thought.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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2010 10-13 LBL 05I am always alone,

For I am always one.

One without a second.

There is nothing in the world but me.

I am the all in all.

I am in all, and all in me.

There is none other.

Just being.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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BuddhapadaO Holy One, Highest One, ground of my Being and source of my Becoming, help me to understand your ways. Though the mind cannot comprehend nor the eyes see nor the ears hear, give me the inspiration to know you directly, that all my troubles may be burned to ash.

You are All, you are One, you are each and every and you transcend them all. You are the smallest of the smallest, greater than the greatest. You are all blessedness, all goodness, and beyond these as well.

But you are everything, my God, everything and beyond everything. As you are the source of all blessings, then all catastrophes are also yours. Yours are the sinners and the saints, the spring rains and the killing flood. Your consciousness illumines the minds of the virtuous and the wicked. You give birth to miracles and to the greatest of evils.

How can I prefer good fortune when calamity is also a gift from you? How can I reject the wicked when they are equally your blessed children?

My Lord! My God! My Mother! My Beloved! What are you? How can I understand your ways? You are the Infinite, yet you reside in my heart. You are the Void, yet you fill me with love.

I am too small to come to this understanding, Lord. I am not capable to comprehend even one small part of you. So come to me, instead, as you always have, as my sweet Lord, father and mother of all, precious beyond compare, with smiling face and radiant eyes and holy feet that I can worship. Let me be devoted to you. Grant me great love for you. Others are capable of deep understanding, but I will count myself infinitely blessed to have undiminishing love for you.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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All About

All About YouYou. It really is all about you.

When you do that thing where the color dances across the sky and I’m the only one awake to see it.

When you make music out of songbirds, and wind and hollow trees.

When the moon is full and looking at me like he knows something I don’t.

That’s you telling me that it’s all about me. But.

Then you do that thing where I cry because someone just said something sweet about you, and I want to touch the ground with my forehead and say, “Yes. Oh yes.”

And you put me in the places where people are terrible and sad with their happy ignorance and it makes me want to run to you now. Now!

Or you tell me you love me through lots of mouths and show me your sparking in lots of eyes so that I just shake my head and laugh and love you back.

And when you’re like that, even though you don’t say so, I know¬† that it’s really all about you.

And I’m so glad it is.
And I’m so glad it is!

Peace, peace, peace be unto all!

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No Mind

Be quiet, mind. Put an end to the stream of chatter and complaint. With nothing worth saying, you rant all day. Be quiet, and let the song of the divine Self ring out.

Be still, mind. Stop running after the things of the world. Even in sleep, you are a slave to cravings. Be still, and let the wisdom of the divine Self lead the way.

Be gone, mind. There is no need for you, for the divine Self cannot be known, only experienced. Be gone, that I may simply be, as I am.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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