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How did we reach the point, Father, that our parents and grandparents have become disposable?

He told me that his wife is in pain, but they have no money, no means to visit a doctor. I asked about their son, in his big house and with his good job.

“Oh, he is very busy. Always busy.”

She said she was happy she was moving, but she would miss her son terribly. Surely he would come to visit before she left, I said.

“Oh, he is very busy. A lot on his mind.”

And let us not forget me, Father. Did I give her a chance? Did I try to work things out? Did I even say a quick “goodbye?”

I packed the truck and drove away and did not so much as look back for a decade. And her poor, old, sweet heart broke for me.

What wretched children we are. What mindless neglect we practice. Am I not a devotee of the Father and Mother of all? Are we not born of the earthly representatives of our Creator?

What temerity!

Help us, Father, for we have strayed so very far from our ideals. Give us such love and devotion for You as to see You in every man who called “father” and every woman beloved as “mother.” Give us dedication, mindfulness, and compassion, and let us set an example for our own children, so that, dying in our beds many years from now, we are not alone, suffering, wondering why our children have forsaken us.

Shine the light of Grace upon the neglected and the lost, and bring them peace.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.


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