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FrigidI feel the cold, and the stinging of the ice, and the loneliness of this remote spot in the forest of the world, but I am not truly touched by any of these.

I am not alone. I am one with the Only.

I do not suffer. My joy is the Supreme.

I do not miss the beauty of dangerous things,

like freezing cold and loving people and family and clinging.

But I will not be taken in by them.

I will not be owned by them.

I will light my fire in the midst of the winter storm,

and it will burn with the light of God.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.


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Swami_Vivekananda_JaipurThe world is a forest of sorrows, and we wander through it, lost to desire and clinging to hopeless things. Who will blaze our path for us? Who will lead us out?

We will follow the gerua robes, the tonsured heads, the chanting of your holy names. Their feet crush the thorns before us, the light of their hearts exorcises the shadows.

Lord, I am indebted to you for all of those women and men who renounce the worldly life for the sake of showing the rest of us the way to your holy feet.

May they be steadfast and strong in mind. May their resolve never fail. May they have purest devotion to the Great Ideal. May their blessedness grace the world forever.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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FireMay God, my all, my one true love, though your flame burns always within me, I am blind to its light and chilled by the frigid world.

Set ablaze the fire of devotion in my heart and the fire of knowledge in my head, that I may endure the world and see through the darkness of ignorance.

May my love for you light a pyre beneath the ego, and reduce to ash the selfish clinging that keeps hidden from me your precious face.

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Hohe_Tauern-High_dynamic_range_imaging-TrailI will cling to you, my lifeboat, so I do not drown in the sea of the world. For I have clung to many people and things in this life, and though some are beloved and worthy, none can keep me afloat when the waves attack me with their endless anger.

What else is there in this world but you? Material things and sensual pleasures. Lust and greed. Attachment and obsession. I am weary of it all. Life cannot satisfy, cannot bring one iota of happiness.

Only you can do that.

But no matter how bravely I say, “I will cling to my God with all my might,” I fall away from you, and into the pit of the world, again and again.

You must pull me out, my darling. You must lift me up and set me on my feet, show me the path and hold my hand as you lead me down it. You must sometimes even carry me on your back when the terrain is very difficult, for I am weak and easily bruised.

Let us set off down that trail immediately, darling. Let us be gone and never look back! Not until we reach the pinnacle, and can look down and say, “Yes, there I have been, and I see it for what it is now. Let me go back, and, with my darling’s hand in mine, see if I can help someone else to find the path to this beautiful place.”

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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