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hs-2009-25-c-large_webLet me be restless to see You,

obsessed with You,

maddened by the thought of You.

Make me think of nothing but You.

What else could possibly be fulfilling.


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Another world

I stepped into another world today. Invited to worship with Kashmiri friends, I saw devotion in a new light. Watching as my daughters’ feet were bathed in milk and water and flower petals were sprinkled on their heads, I caught a glimpse of you myself. Not only in my daughters, but in this lovely Indian couple who, barely knowing us, considers us family.
I am humbled by their faith, by their devotion, and most of all by their love.
Mother, thank you for bringing us together.
When I am old, I pray I will be able to love as they do;
And as you do;

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silhouettes-of-people-along-the-coast-watching-the-sunset_w725_h485Lord of all things, Mother of the universe, friend of every soul,

grant me the humility to realize the insignificance of my little self.

May I search every being I encounter and find you dwelling within them.

May I worship you in my every thought, word and deed.

Give me the fortitude to control my scattered mind,

that I may attain the wisdom I need to be of service to all beings.

Give me pure love and devotion for you.

Be near me always.

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Where I Was Going

DSC01583I lost my way again.

You’ll have to come looking for me, Master.

All the ways ahead of me look frightening and difficult.

I’m afraid you’ll have to carry me back home.

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Where is my Everything?


Master, Where is my devotion? Where is my longing? Where is my love for your holy feet? Have you locked them away? Or must I earn them again? Don’t leave me like this, naked in the desert of the world.

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2012-09-12 (12)Holy One,

when I am angry, make me sing;

when I am melancholy, make me laugh;

when I am doubtful, make me pray;

when I am lazy, make me strive;

when I am gluttonous, make me fast;

when I am impatient, make me wait;

when I am callous, make me assuage.

Whenever my will is not Thy Will, make They Will to be mine.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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PeekingI’ll find you eventually.

You can hide behind every eye, every heart. Behind every leaf and tree. You can hid in the water and the air, in the music and the birdsong.

You can hide inside my very thoughts, my very soul.

But I will find you. I will keep digging. I will never stop.

I love you. You are mine. This was meant to be.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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