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Lord, fill me with desire for You.

Make it contagious. 

Make my heart blaze for You. 

We will light the world on fire.


Peace, peace, peace be unto all.


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FrigidI feel the cold, and the stinging of the ice, and the loneliness of this remote spot in the forest of the world, but I am not truly touched by any of these.

I am not alone. I am one with the Only.

I do not suffer. My joy is the Supreme.

I do not miss the beauty of dangerous things,

like freezing cold and loving people and family and clinging.

But I will not be taken in by them.

I will not be owned by them.

I will light my fire in the midst of the winter storm,

and it will burn with the light of God.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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FireMay God, my all, my one true love, though your flame burns always within me, I am blind to its light and chilled by the frigid world.

Set ablaze the fire of devotion in my heart and the fire of knowledge in my head, that I may endure the world and see through the darkness of ignorance.

May my love for you light a pyre beneath the ego, and reduce to ash the selfish clinging that keeps hidden from me your precious face.

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