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flickr-256755929-originalDespite my forgetfulness, You remember me.

Despite my fickleness, You are faithful to me.

Despite my shortsightedness, You always watch over me.

You are with me when I am not with You,

Loving me when I neglect You,

Deserving when I give You nothing,

You are always and forever.

Make me to Know you, my God.


*A hearty thanks to my dear Otter for keeping up with this blog during my recovery. I am blessed to have received her poignant and touching contributions.



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Wooden_bridge_in_a_parkWhen I am afraid, I have forgotten You.

When I despair, I have neglected You.

When I desire, I have ignored You.

All things fail but through You.

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raphael-0f14e5cd6812bdf1f8c7a846b00cc2cd-originalHow is it that I forget you, even for a moment? You are the eye of my eye, the thinker of my thoughts, the life of my life. In you alone


But you slip from my mind so easily, like water through my fingers.

And here are all these things that I don’t want, people I don’t know, songs I would never sing, myriad distractions attractions repulsive things and meaninglessness. My mind seems to be shackled to them, and they drag me around, pulling me away from you all the time.

And you the most precious thing!


Am I fooling myself? Am I in love with the world rather than my Beloved? Am I a pretender? Does my heart betray that which causes it to beat?

I want to love you. I want to be devoted to you. I want to want these things. Save me, Lord, from myself.

Peace, peace, peace be unto you.

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Heal MeYou are the only physician, the dispenser of the universal medicine.


So heal my diseased mind that cannot understand that happiness does not exist in the World.

Heal my wounded heart that clings to that which is not truly its own.

Heal my melancholy spirit that drifts from fleeting joy to fleeting joy.

And destroy the cancer of the Ego that claims or rejects all things.


Come with your balm of renunciation.

Come with your tincture of discrimination.

Come with your mindfulness therapy.

Come with your bandage of devotion.


May I be cured of my endless cravings.

May I be cured of my restlessness.

May I be cured of my misidentification.

May I be cured of my forgetfulness.


Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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