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Lay Me Open

hs-2010-29-a-large_webLay me open to Your grace

life a leaf unfolding in the sun.

Shine upon me forever, my Lord,

with the warmth of Your boundless love.


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Keep them safe



Look after my family for me. I’m not always strong enough to keep them all safe. And my friends, keep an eye on them too.

That’s rather selfish isn’t it? Would you please look after my friend’s families too. And their friends.

And their friend’s families, and friends and families…

I could never hope to spread my love so far, but by your grace it may.

Take my love, Mother, and all I have to give, and share it with the whole of the world.

I want for everyone to feel your touch.

Peace, peace, peace, be unto all.


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2012-01-15 (28)In the most shadowed corners of life, I found you waiting for me, holding your lamp aloft. May I never forget that, Lord, for a moment.


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Northern_Baikal_RussiaWhat mercy you have shown me in forgiving my many faults, what grace by which you have led me into the bounty of your love, and what love with which you have pillowed my head every night of my life, may you give all that and more to every being in every world forever.

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Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi

Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi (Photo credit: rkmtbs)


Dear, sweet Holy Mother, essence of compassion, epitome of womanhood, gentle Goddess in our midst, please hearken to my prayer.

In this world filled with suffering, we cling desperately to our little pleasures, our little possessions. In the heart of each person is a blazing light of eternal bliss, but we devote ourselves to fleeting, worthless pastimes.

Have mercy on us, Mother. Take pity on us. We are your wayward children. Fence us in with your love and nourish us with the milk of your compassion. Clothe us with devotion to your holy feet and garland us with the flowers of your perfect grace. But above all, blessed Mother, give us divine vision that, we may clearly see our faults, our egoism, our selfishness, our lustful obsessions, and the path to freedom from all of these, which is the path to your sacred shrine in our own hearts.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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original found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/35409814@N00May your presence be uppermost in my mind all the time. May I always walk in your footprints.

You have trod every step of this life ahead of me. You have solved every problem, you have faced every hardship, you have conquered every fear and wiped away every tear. If I can only live in the moment you have given me, feeling the presence of your perfect will, your strength and compassion, nothing will hold me back.

Let me sing to you with every word and worship you with every thought. Let my every movement be done with gratitude.

There is none and nothing but you. And you are infinitely precious to me. Be my Holy Beloved, and keep hold of my hand always.

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All-Compassionate One, be always the foremost thought in my mind.

In illness and health, longing and fulfillment, sadness and bliss,

Grant that I may see you at work and know that it is good.


You are the source of all things, the material of all worlds,

The soul of my soul, heart of my heart,

The air that I breathe and the reason that I am.


For all things should I praise You.

Every moment I should thank You.

With every action, grant that I may worship you.


How can I conceive of Your grandeur,

In whose mind has the universe its being?

Not by anyone can You truly be known.


Yet You dwell as the true self

In the heart of every being.

We are One beyond the mind’s understanding.


Praise and glory and worship to You

For this Grace, this miracle of Being!

The One God, the One Truth,

The All in All,

In every faith, in every heart, everywhere.


Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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