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hs-2012-01-a-large_webThank you for loved ones to come home to.

Thank you for moment of solitude.

Thank you for sustenance at hand.

Thank you for the opportunity to work.

Thank you for love and compassion and selflessness.

Thank you for indulgence and forgiveness.

Thank you for all

It is perfect.


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original found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/35409814@N00May your presence be uppermost in my mind all the time. May I always walk in your footprints.

You have trod every step of this life ahead of me. You have solved every problem, you have faced every hardship, you have conquered every fear and wiped away every tear. If I can only live in the moment you have given me, feeling the presence of your perfect will, your strength and compassion, nothing will hold me back.

Let me sing to you with every word and worship you with every thought. Let my every movement be done with gratitude.

There is none and nothing but you. And you are infinitely precious to me. Be my Holy Beloved, and keep hold of my hand always.

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The grass is covered in frost. The sky is gray and threatening. Naked trees and birds searching for bits of food and somewhere, almost everywhere, someone is hungry and cold and shivering, maybe dying.

My house is warm and comfortable. My family loves me. I have too much food in my pantry. I have time to sit and contemplate and pray and not want or need anything.

I want to stand outside and shout my gratitude to the sky, to the world. I want to go door to door and tell my neighbors how blessed we are. I want to grab people by the shoulders and shake them and say, “Can’t you see? Wake up!”

Someone should do that to me, should wake me, because I live in the dream of comfort and ease, and how often do I feel grateful for it?

May I pour my gratitude upon the world. May I display it for all to see. May I give thanks constantly by giving to those who do not have, helping those I can. May I worship those who receive my little help, for they remind me of my innumerable blessings, and they allow me to give thanks through them.

What awesome mystery! What gracious life!

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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