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Avalokitesvara_Kuan_Yin_by_TigermyuouO Divine Mother, may I be so filled with love and compassion for all beings, that I become unable to distinguish between “them” and “me.”

May everyone everywhere be happy forever!

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.


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beeThere are days that I feel this way:

I don’t want to read books about you, or hear sermons about you, or talk about you with my peers.

I don’t want to look for you in buildings, or in sacred rivers, or in holy people, or in devotional works of art.

I can’t be bothered with philosophy or reason. I don’t care for poetry or song. You couldn’t force me to sit for prayer or meditation, to chant or count on beads.

Take your scriptures and your saints, your icons and your religious garb, your holiday festivals and your rites of passage — take them all in a great procession and drown them in your holy river. Let them sink out of sight and be gone forever,

because I love you too much to waste another moment not lost in the bliss of loving you.

because I want you, wholly and fully, in every beat of my heart, every breath, every thought.

because I am on fire with the madness of desire, the disease of clinging, the wounds of ignorance, and only your constant presence can extinguish the flame.

So make me to read the scriptures and hear the sermons, bathe in the rivers and offer the incense, wear the robes and worship in your houses,

but first fill me to bursting with love for you, and the endless sense of your presence,

for there is no holiness in all the holy things of world without your lending holiness to them.

Peace, peace, peace be unto.

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Your Lotus Feet

God of gods, soul of the universe, flame of divinity in every heart, harken to me.

You are the light of the sun, the warmth in my body, the inspiration behind all goodness. I cannot even open my eyes without the power of your love.

Grant me pure devotion to you, pure love for you, and see that I am not deluded by worldly illusions.

Make me to love your precious name and to repeat it without ceasing. Make me to think only of you. Make me mad for you. Enlighten my mind and enliven my heart with purified desire for union with you.

But let me not be selfish. Pour your grace upon all beings, Lord, and in your mercy, grant love and devotion to all.

May all beings be happy! May all be free! May all realize the Highest!

Peace, peace, peace nee unto all

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Dear Beloved, sweet Divinity, precious Illumination, holy Unity, highest of Purposes, please harken to my prayer.

Today, as much of the world enters into a new year, I reflect upon the year that has passed and find myself dazzled by your glorious blessings, saddened by your absences, in awe of the splendor of the world that was gifted to us and angered by the injustices pervading our reality. I look back and wonder what you were thinking when innocent children were murdered, when villages starved to death, when hatred ran rampant, when madness gripped the world. I wonder where you were.

Then I sit in silence and close my eyes and wait for you to account for yourself. And then I hear my daughter saying, “I love you.” I see myself reclining in my warm house on a snowy day. I feel my stomach full of my wife’s cooking.

Now I am by the lake on a family camping trip, marveling at the sunset. Now I am congratulating my friend on becoming a parent.

I remember the inspiring words of a monk who told me, “You are not on a different path. God is one.” I remember the white man in a turban, wearing a t-shirt that read “We Are All Sikhs.” I remember a book by an atheist urging people of all faiths and no faith to come together in harmony.

Yes. Yes. That is where you were. That is what you did. That is how you answered our prayers. That is how you fulfilled our lives. That is how you showed your glory to the world. And you took no credit. You took no credit.

Please help me to remember you as you have remembered me. Please help me to love as you have loved. Please help me in all things, for I can do nothing without you. My purpose, my life, my true self.

May all be happy. May all be free from misery. May all attain to the highest illumination.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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