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ResurrectionMy friend and brother, Lord and Master, revolutionary of the heart,

I will trudge ever onward to the goal you have set me;

I will mold myself in the image of your compassion;

I will lose myself in surrender to your mercy;

I will strive to see you in everyone, everywhere, always.

I cannot praise you enough nor thank you enough.

You are the Living God among us.


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KissI’m tired of this playing hide-and-seek by moonlight. I’m too old for games. Can’t you see that this is serious? I don’t want to chase after you, listening to you giggle. I want you to sit still and be close to me, hold my hand and talk to me. Why is that too much to ask?

You let Francis catch you. I’m not even sure if he chased you at all. Seems to me he just turned a corner one day and there you were.

Gadai got hold of you when he was just a boy. And don’t tell me how hard it was for him all those years, how he cried for you for so many days. We both know he had his reasons for all of that.

And what about Siddartha? He didn’t even look for you, went the opposite direction, but when he plopped down under that tree, you were waiting for him. How is that fair?

I can go on and on, you know.

Nimai just went around causing trouble. Then along you came and said, “Here. Sing this.” Next thing you know, he’s a saint.

Now Paul, I grant that you weren’t so friendly about it. But you gave yourself to him nonetheless, and how did he earn it? I ask you!

See, there are plenty of precedents. You did it for them, now I think it’s my turn. Sit down here, and do for me what you did for them. Give yourself to me. Let me melt into you. That’s what I call freedom.

And while you’re at it, go ahead and give it to everyone else. They’re really decent people. I think they deserve it.

I love you. Even if you are a tease.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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2007 10-09 Camping at LBL 236May or Father in Heaven bless us with compassion and love for one another.

May the Holy One grant us the understanding we need to live a virtuous life.

May the Compassionate Buddha be our refuge, our raft across the ocean of the world.

May Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate remind us constantly of His infinite love for us.

May sweet Jesus mercifully guide us to the Kingdom of Heaven in our own hearts.

May Thakur Sri Ramakrishna give us guileless, motiveless love for His lotus feet.

May the Great Spirit guide us home to the eternal land of our ancestors.

May all the saints and angels and deities of all the world ever lead us onward to union with one another.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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Urna_and_her_mother_NyamsurenBeloved Mother of the universe,

Mother of all beings,

Embodiment of motherhood,

Always hear our prayers.

You have poured out your life in service

Of your precious child, Jesus,

For the sake of your forgetful children

In every corner of the world.

Sweetest, kindest,

Gentlest, most compassionate,

Most indulgent and merciful,

Dearest to every heart.

How can we understand your sacrifice?

How can we comprehend your grace?

How can we know you?

Well, as for me, I will serve you in my own mother,

In the mother of my children,

And, with your tender and perfect aid,

In every mother everywhere.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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Mary and ChildYou have given us more than we can ever understand.

Your precious words have uplifted our hearts. Your life has been our example. Your death inspired us to great sacrifice.

And it all began in the arms of your sweet mother. That you were such a tender thing and in jeopardy even as your mother nursed you, this is a play that I cannot comprehend.

You the bright one who brings light to shadowed places. You who leads the revolution of the heart. You whose greatest challenge to us was, “Love! Love!”

What terrible fate your bore! I hate to think of it.

But I will think of it forever, and know that its meaning is birthed in my life.

Always come back to us. Come back to us.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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Dakshineswar Kali TempleYou hear us call out from the darkness. You hearken to our desperate prayers. You see us deep in the quagmire of the world, and your precious tears pour down. You cannot leave us to walk blindly through the night of our faithlessness.

You are born among us, as one of us, a weak and needy infant, yet the womb in which was conceived the universe and all that is. You walk with us and eat with us, worship with us and suffer with us. Great events decorate your life, and wondrous things are written about you.

Then you die like us. Just like us. And the world grows in light and love for your birth and your death. You gift us with yourself, the greatest of sacrifices.

And you have done it so many times. And you will do it many times more.

Come again, Lord, for countless lives, and stay with us, and remind us, and teach us the way back to you. We have no right to ask this of you, but we will, and we do.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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