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ImageDear Lord,

My children live in a world of light and beauty. A world in which nothing happens but by your will. 

Please let them remain untouched by the darkness mankind sometimes imposes on your creation.

Let them be filled with faith and devotion and stand as beacons of your love through dark times.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.


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2012-01-15 (28)In the most shadowed corners of life, I found you waiting for me, holding your lamp aloft. May I never forget that, Lord, for a moment.


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2013-03-12 (12)Master, I seek that light which shines in the heart, invisible to the eye, blazing like a thousand suns.

I want that illumination that shines behind all things.

That sun behind the sun.

Grant me the fortitude, the discipline, the renunciation, the devotion to be worthy of this quest.

Grant me freedom from desire and clinging, from ignorance and want, that I may enter into that most blessed state, but not for myself.

May I do it for the world. May we all do it for the world.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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FrigidI feel the cold, and the stinging of the ice, and the loneliness of this remote spot in the forest of the world, but I am not truly touched by any of these.

I am not alone. I am one with the Only.

I do not suffer. My joy is the Supreme.

I do not miss the beauty of dangerous things,

like freezing cold and loving people and family and clinging.

But I will not be taken in by them.

I will not be owned by them.

I will light my fire in the midst of the winter storm,

and it will burn with the light of God.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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English: A brilliant photo of light reflecting...

May all miseries and shortcomings leave us forever.

Grant to us, Lord, the freedom to know that we are free, the wisdom to know that we are immortal spirits, the fortitude to know that we are strong, and the insight to know that enlightenment is our real state of being.

In all these things, grant that we may love you as we deeply desire to love you, and that we see you in all, love you in all, worship you in all beings.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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MistWho are you, Lord? Who are you really? What is the secret you are keeping?

I close my eyes and look within and glimpse your light in my heart.

But I go to where you hang on a cross, and monks sing about your mercy and grace, and you whisper to me.

And I go to where you sit in deep meditation, and they worship you in many languages and give you flowers, and you make me cry with joy.

And I go to wild places and sit by waters, under ancient trees, and feel some breeze that is more than wind.

And in the briefest of visions, I saw your light in the hearts of others.

You are the mystery of myself and the mystery of all. Reveal your great love to us, and all wrong things will be set right.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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The Enormity of Self

Amidst the cacophony, I hear your voice. Your voice in every voice. Not words and meanings, but life struggling to express itself.

All life is lived in you. You are the voice and that which is spoken. You give meaning and are what is meant.

This world of myriad things, endless lives, countless phenomena is a play, and illusion, what we see because your truth is too great for most of us to grasp.

But let me not be caught in it! Be let me not be content to be hauled out of your ocean by the net of the world. May I grow too large for the net, my selflessness edging out this little identity so that I realize myself in you.

Here I am! Here I am! How amazing and huge! The limitless universe is too small to contain me because you and I are one. One. One.

Oh, to sink into the truth of unity. To laugh at the smallness of life and walk away in joy. To love each being unconditionally, passionately. To be bold enough and large enough — to realize my bigness! — to be able to say:

May I be reborn countless times, until every being has attained to that blessed, holy Truth. May I awake that they may awake to their own infinite blessedness.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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