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Master, I am Lying Here

anglican-church_w544_h725Master, I am lying here at your door, waiting for you to come out to me. How long must I wait?


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2008 10-16 Oisian at Otter Creek Park 01Dear Master,

I want it all,

because you are all that is.

I won’t take anything less.

Like a loyal dog waiting outside his master’s door,

I’ll be here waiting for you,

and I will never give up.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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Most Beloved One, sit and talk with me a while. I’ve been missing you lately.

I know it’s me, not you. When I go looking, I always find you. But my attention so easily wanders, my mind scattering itself all over. There you are, closer to me than my jugular vein, enshrined in the temple of my heart, and at times I forget you entirely.

It’s bliss when I remember you! It’s intoxicating! When I sit in silence for a long time and think of nothing but you, I feel like I’m in a different world, transported beyond time and space. For a moment, sometimes, I think I’m sitting in your heart. I hardly even know what that means.

Be compassionate, love. Remember that we are not strangers. You are my very own. So take care of me and be exceedingly patient with me. Make me keep my mind centered on you. Fill my heart with pure love for you. Grant that my devotion to you overflows.

Let me be mad for you, and shout your name to the heavens unceasingly! Take me in your arms right now and never let me go.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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