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Monkey Mind


May I have the fortitude to overcome the treacherous mind.

May the mind be stilled forever.

May I attain to the peace of perfect enlightenment.

May all beings attain to this peace this very day.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.


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Divine Mother, you are the firm ground on which I stand. You are the peace that surpasses understanding.

Be the strength I need this day and everyday. Be the stalwart heart of my being. Be the cottage I need to fight my greatest enemy: my own mind.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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PrayerThe pull of the sensual is strong, my Lord. The pull of the world is overwhelming.

Pull harder, Lord. Pull me toward you. Don’t wait for me to accept your Grace. Hit me over the head with it if you have to.

It is impossible to understand this: I have an immense attraction for the world, and a simultaneous aversion to it. I want it terribly, and I hate the wanting. Because I know that it is empty, that it cannot give me one iota of happiness.

But the mind is a restless, treacherous rascal. He will lead me astray by any means possible. And he loves the world, loves it so dearly. All the ups and downs, wins and losses, joys and sorrows. He loves the whole stupid mess of it.

Don’t ask me to train him, Lord. Don’t be that demanding. You’re the only one he’ll obey. You set him straight, Lord. You put him on the right path and keep him there.

I’ll sit here and watch, admiring your artistry.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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No Mind

Be quiet, mind. Put an end to the stream of chatter and complaint. With nothing worth saying, you rant all day. Be quiet, and let the song of the divine Self ring out.

Be still, mind. Stop running after the things of the world. Even in sleep, you are a slave to cravings. Be still, and let the wisdom of the divine Self lead the way.

Be gone, mind. There is no need for you, for the divine Self cannot be known, only experienced. Be gone, that I may simply be, as I am.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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