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hs-2009-28-b-large_webYou are the place where all things come to an end.

We will have our eternal rest in you.

But eternity is meaningless when time disappears,

when the cosmos itself winks out.

How can I ponder the vastness of Your heart

which beats within every living being?

Just give me pure love for Your holy feet,


and let me pass my days as you will.


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silhouettes-of-people-along-the-coast-watching-the-sunset_w725_h485Lord of all things, Mother of the universe, friend of every soul,

grant me the humility to realize the insignificance of my little self.

May I search every being I encounter and find you dwelling within them.

May I worship you in my every thought, word and deed.

Give me the fortitude to control my scattered mind,

that I may attain the wisdom I need to be of service to all beings.

Give me pure love and devotion for you.

Be near me always.

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For-Etsy-50You are my mother and my father. Who will take care of me if you don’t?

I depend on you for everything. I cannot even breathe without you.

The forest of the world is thick and dangerous, and I am so small.

Only in your arms can I find the courage to live.

Take me up and hold me firm, and put me where you want me.

I won’t complain, but stay near me. Stay near me.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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wpid-camera_Shaan.jpgI reach out my hand to you, Mother of the Universe. I want not for fulfillment, but for comfort and love.

I need the peace that only you can provide, the peace that passes understanding. I need it like an infant needs mother’s milk.

How far am I from your loving arms, Mother! Millions of miles away! Though I know you reside in the shrine of my heart, I cannot find you anywhere.

So I selfishly call out for your compassion and mercy. I importune to cry for your vision. I set aside the lofty goals of the saints and sages and teachers, and in my weakness I beg for your embrace.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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Urna_and_her_mother_NyamsurenBeloved Mother of the universe,

Mother of all beings,

Embodiment of motherhood,

Always hear our prayers.

You have poured out your life in service

Of your precious child, Jesus,

For the sake of your forgetful children

In every corner of the world.

Sweetest, kindest,

Gentlest, most compassionate,

Most indulgent and merciful,

Dearest to every heart.

How can we understand your sacrifice?

How can we comprehend your grace?

How can we know you?

Well, as for me, I will serve you in my own mother,

In the mother of my children,

And, with your tender and perfect aid,

In every mother everywhere.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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How did we reach the point, Father, that our parents and grandparents have become disposable?

He told me that his wife is in pain, but they have no money, no means to visit a doctor. I asked about their son, in his big house and with his good job.

“Oh, he is very busy. Always busy.”

She said she was happy she was moving, but she would miss her son terribly. Surely he would come to visit before she left, I said.

“Oh, he is very busy. A lot on his mind.”

And let us not forget me, Father. Did I give her a chance? Did I try to work things out? Did I even say a quick “goodbye?”

I packed the truck and drove away and did not so much as look back for a decade. And her poor, old, sweet heart broke for me.

What wretched children we are. What mindless neglect we practice. Am I not a devotee of the Father and Mother of all? Are we not born of the earthly representatives of our Creator?

What temerity!

Help us, Father, for we have strayed so very far from our ideals. Give us such love and devotion for You as to see You in every man who called “father” and every woman beloved as “mother.” Give us dedication, mindfulness, and compassion, and let us set an example for our own children, so that, dying in our beds many years from now, we are not alone, suffering, wondering why our children have forsaken us.

Shine the light of Grace upon the neglected and the lost, and bring them peace.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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