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Chaitanya-Mahabrabhu-at-JagannathLet me take advantage of this moment in which I want nothing. Let me use it to tell you that I love you.

I wish I could say that I love you unconditionally, without motive, and that you are the foremost thought in my mind always.

And that is how I want to love you, of course. But it’s difficult. I see so little of you, it seems. Hear so little from you, it seems.

So I must thank you profusely for those saints with which you have peopled my life. Through them, I catch a glimpse of you.

I love you intensely, if not perfectly. I love you completely, if not with great purity. I love you. I love you.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.


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SunThere is nothing to cling to.

Indeed, there is no clinging.

There is nothing by which to be repulsed.

Indeed, there is no repulsion.

There is no impurity to cleanse away.

Indeed, there is neither impurity nor purity.

There is no enlightenment to attain.

Indeed, there is no ignorance.

I am not this.

I am not that.

None of these things are in me.

I am in none of these things.

Nothing can hold me.

No one can keep me.

I am not merely free.

I am freedom itself.

And I will proclaim my Self from the tops of the mountains.

I will shout the Truth from the steps of every temple.

I will tell every being that I meet,

“I am divine, my sisters, my brother,

And so you are. And so are you.

For we are One. We are One!

And nothing can stop us now!”

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