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Original by Le Batteur de Lune, used under Creative Commons License

There was a hole in my heart, not because there was empty space there, but because You were there, and I could not see You.

But You have given me new eyes, and opened them wide, and shone a bright light to guide me.

And I see you, though through profuse tears of joy.


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PrayerThe pull of the sensual is strong, my Lord. The pull of the world is overwhelming.

Pull harder, Lord. Pull me toward you. Don’t wait for me to accept your Grace. Hit me over the head with it if you have to.

It is impossible to understand this: I have an immense attraction for the world, and a simultaneous aversion to it. I want it terribly, and I hate the wanting. Because I know that it is empty, that it cannot give me one iota of happiness.

But the mind is a restless, treacherous rascal. He will lead me astray by any means possible. And he loves the world, loves it so dearly. All the ups and downs, wins and losses, joys and sorrows. He loves the whole stupid mess of it.

Don’t ask me to train him, Lord. Don’t be that demanding. You’re the only one he’ll obey. You set him straight, Lord. You put him on the right path and keep him there.

I’ll sit here and watch, admiring your artistry.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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MistWho are you, Lord? Who are you really? What is the secret you are keeping?

I close my eyes and look within and glimpse your light in my heart.

But I go to where you hang on a cross, and monks sing about your mercy and grace, and you whisper to me.

And I go to where you sit in deep meditation, and they worship you in many languages and give you flowers, and you make me cry with joy.

And I go to wild places and sit by waters, under ancient trees, and feel some breeze that is more than wind.

And in the briefest of visions, I saw your light in the hearts of others.

You are the mystery of myself and the mystery of all. Reveal your great love to us, and all wrong things will be set right.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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1985 OtterDear Lord, the child I was is no more, long ago, someone else.

But the pain that child felt lives on in me.

Help me grow in you, sweet Beloved,

To grow in forgiveness, acceptance, and life.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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Church at St. Meinrad ArchabbeyLord, your glories are innumerable, and the wonders of your world are spectacular and endless.

But wonderful as is your creation let me not be taken in by it, but rather find you enshrined in the hearts of all.

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