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2012-01-15 (28)In the most shadowed corners of life, I found you waiting for me, holding your lamp aloft. May I never forget that, Lord, for a moment.



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PrayerThe pull of the sensual is strong, my Lord. The pull of the world is overwhelming.

Pull harder, Lord. Pull me toward you. Don’t wait for me to accept your Grace. Hit me over the head with it if you have to.

It is impossible to understand this: I have an immense attraction for the world, and a simultaneous aversion to it. I want it terribly, and I hate the wanting. Because I know that it is empty, that it cannot give me one iota of happiness.

But the mind is a restless, treacherous rascal. He will lead me astray by any means possible. And he loves the world, loves it so dearly. All the ups and downs, wins and losses, joys and sorrows. He loves the whole stupid mess of it.

Don’t ask me to train him, Lord. Don’t be that demanding. You’re the only one he’ll obey. You set him straight, Lord. You put him on the right path and keep him there.

I’ll sit here and watch, admiring your artistry.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi

Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi (Photo credit: rkmtbs)


Dear, sweet Holy Mother, essence of compassion, epitome of womanhood, gentle Goddess in our midst, please hearken to my prayer.

In this world filled with suffering, we cling desperately to our little pleasures, our little possessions. In the heart of each person is a blazing light of eternal bliss, but we devote ourselves to fleeting, worthless pastimes.

Have mercy on us, Mother. Take pity on us. We are your wayward children. Fence us in with your love and nourish us with the milk of your compassion. Clothe us with devotion to your holy feet and garland us with the flowers of your perfect grace. But above all, blessed Mother, give us divine vision that, we may clearly see our faults, our egoism, our selfishness, our lustful obsessions, and the path to freedom from all of these, which is the path to your sacred shrine in our own hearts.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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