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Swami_Vivekananda_JaipurThe world is a forest of sorrows, and we wander through it, lost to desire and clinging to hopeless things. Who will blaze our path for us? Who will lead us out?

We will follow the gerua robes, the tonsured heads, the chanting of your holy names. Their feet crush the thorns before us, the light of their hearts exorcises the shadows.

Lord, I am indebted to you for all of those women and men who renounce the worldly life for the sake of showing the rest of us the way to your holy feet.

May they be steadfast and strong in mind. May their resolve never fail. May they have purest devotion to the Great Ideal. May their blessedness grace the world forever.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.


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beeThere are days that I feel this way:

I don’t want to read books about you, or hear sermons about you, or talk about you with my peers.

I don’t want to look for you in buildings, or in sacred rivers, or in holy people, or in devotional works of art.

I can’t be bothered with philosophy or reason. I don’t care for poetry or song. You couldn’t force me to sit for prayer or meditation, to chant or count on beads.

Take your scriptures and your saints, your icons and your religious garb, your holiday festivals and your rites of passage — take them all in a great procession and drown them in your holy river. Let them sink out of sight and be gone forever,

because I love you too much to waste another moment not lost in the bliss of loving you.

because I want you, wholly and fully, in every beat of my heart, every breath, every thought.

because I am on fire with the madness of desire, the disease of clinging, the wounds of ignorance, and only your constant presence can extinguish the flame.

So make me to read the scriptures and hear the sermons, bathe in the rivers and offer the incense, wear the robes and worship in your houses,

but first fill me to bursting with love for you, and the endless sense of your presence,

for there is no holiness in all the holy things of world without your lending holiness to them.

Peace, peace, peace be unto.

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Heal MeYou are the only physician, the dispenser of the universal medicine.


So heal my diseased mind that cannot understand that happiness does not exist in the World.

Heal my wounded heart that clings to that which is not truly its own.

Heal my melancholy spirit that drifts from fleeting joy to fleeting joy.

And destroy the cancer of the Ego that claims or rejects all things.


Come with your balm of renunciation.

Come with your tincture of discrimination.

Come with your mindfulness therapy.

Come with your bandage of devotion.


May I be cured of my endless cravings.

May I be cured of my restlessness.

May I be cured of my misidentification.

May I be cured of my forgetfulness.


Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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May all miseries and shortcomings leave us forever!

May all beings be free to achieve their own enlightenment, and may they achieve it effortlessly and without struggle.

May all beings live in absolute peace and harmony.

May true, pure joy be the substance of all lives.

That love which the worldly have for worldly things, may I have that love for spiritual things.

That devotion which the obsessed have with the object of their obsession, may I be that devoted to the pursuit of Truth.

That longing the lover has for his beloved, may I have that longing for liberation from ignorance.

That joy the gluttonous derive from indulgence, may I derive that joy from renunciation of worldly things.

Praise be to the Supreme Truth!

Praise be to the Englightened Ones!

Praise be to the Ones Who Have Gone This Way!

Praise be all beings everywhere!

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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