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Church at St. Meinrad ArchabbeyLord, your glories are innumerable, and the wonders of your world are spectacular and endless.

But wonderful as is your creation let me not be taken in by it, but rather find you enshrined in the hearts of all.


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All-Compassionate One, be always the foremost thought in my mind.

In illness and health, longing and fulfillment, sadness and bliss,

Grant that I may see you at work and know that it is good.


You are the source of all things, the material of all worlds,

The soul of my soul, heart of my heart,

The air that I breathe and the reason that I am.


For all things should I praise You.

Every moment I should thank You.

With every action, grant that I may worship you.


How can I conceive of Your grandeur,

In whose mind has the universe its being?

Not by anyone can You truly be known.


Yet You dwell as the true self

In the heart of every being.

We are One beyond the mind’s understanding.


Praise and glory and worship to You

For this Grace, this miracle of Being!

The One God, the One Truth,

The All in All,

In every faith, in every heart, everywhere.


Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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My God, see that I love for love’s sake alone.

Let me not love with thought of gain, but with willingness to give all.

Let me not love with thought of fulfillment, but with desire to be emptied of desire.

Let me not love with thought of self, but with knowledge that there is no other.

For only when love is pure does it purge our selfishness.

Only when love is bold does it cure the disease of weakness.

Only when love is free does it release us from all bondage.

May it be so with all beings everywhere.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all

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The Enormity of Self

Amidst the cacophony, I hear your voice. Your voice in every voice. Not words and meanings, but life struggling to express itself.

All life is lived in you. You are the voice and that which is spoken. You give meaning and are what is meant.

This world of myriad things, endless lives, countless phenomena is a play, and illusion, what we see because your truth is too great for most of us to grasp.

But let me not be caught in it! Be let me not be content to be hauled out of your ocean by the net of the world. May I grow too large for the net, my selflessness edging out this little identity so that I realize myself in you.

Here I am! Here I am! How amazing and huge! The limitless universe is too small to contain me because you and I are one. One. One.

Oh, to sink into the truth of unity. To laugh at the smallness of life and walk away in joy. To love each being unconditionally, passionately. To be bold enough and large enough — to realize my bigness! — to be able to say:

May I be reborn countless times, until every being has attained to that blessed, holy Truth. May I awake that they may awake to their own infinite blessedness.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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Our Light

Our LightHow did we lose it, that sense of who we are? How did we come to think we need to take from one another, lie to one another, hurt and kill one another?

How could we ever think this is the way life is meant to be lived?

Did you watch us lose our way and wonder? Did you engineer it for some grand plan? Is it beyond questions, beyond reason?

Either way, it is you we depend on. You, our foundation, our example, our goal and our true, hidden self.

Grant us the grace of compassion, the wisdom of loving, and the desire to set ourselves to rights. Light us through and through, and let us know that we are, indeed, that very same light.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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No Mind

Be quiet, mind. Put an end to the stream of chatter and complaint. With nothing worth saying, you rant all day. Be quiet, and let the song of the divine Self ring out.

Be still, mind. Stop running after the things of the world. Even in sleep, you are a slave to cravings. Be still, and let the wisdom of the divine Self lead the way.

Be gone, mind. There is no need for you, for the divine Self cannot be known, only experienced. Be gone, that I may simply be, as I am.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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Will of My Will

O, blessed refuge of all beings, grant that I may abandon my will and serve only yours.

May I move as you will, Speak as you will, Love as you will, Desire as you will. May I give myself wholly to your way. For only through you is righteousness found; Only through you is goodness done; Only through you are desires satiated; Only through constant remembrance of you does all suffering come to an end. You are the King of Kings, God of Gods, The soul of the universe, And my very own Self. Blessed am I, truly, to bree able to worship you. Blessed are all beings, in time, because of you. Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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