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DesertLord, give me the discipline,

the love for you,

and the wisdom

to live this life you have given me

in the face of everything.


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hs-2002-11-f-large_webMay everyone realize You

in whichever way suits them.

May all grow to great wisdom

and infinite compassion.

May all suffering end immediately

and forever.

May we all know that we are God upon the earth.

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hs-2004-45-a-large_webMay I be hopeful in the midst of hopelessness,

Content in the midst of suffering,

A light unto others in darkness.

May I injure none,

cause suffering to none,

upset none in any way.

May I strive for all,

live for all,

love all forever.

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2010 03-24 Bernheim 038Merciful Lord, lead me from the unreal to the Real.

May I never believe that I am this cage of clay.

May the body experience pleasure and suffering as it must, so long as I know who I truly am.

Give me the courage to deny lust and greed and the will to purify my every thought, word, and deed.

May I always remember my Self, my pure and divine Self.

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Child LaborerDear Father of all, compassionate and loving, relieve the suffering of the children of this world.

They live with poverty, neglect, violence and hunger. They endure endless privation, and grow up without love and nurturing.

So many causes and campaigns, churches and temples, palaces and towers of greed, while the children cry in the darkest corners of squalor, debasement and tragedy.

Even for those children in fine homes, surrounded by comfort, sheltered behind class and wealth, how many have love, virtuous guidance, tender understanding and empathy?

The children are the jewels of society, the treasure of every nation. But they are neglected like dross,  rubbish.

The children are the voiceless majority.

Shelter them and bless them, Lord. Nurture and love them. But above all, turn the hearts of all who see them. Let us never ignore their needs. Give us the fortitude to protect them, the will to work selflessly, tirelessly for them, and the understanding to love them unconditionally.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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st francisAll you saints throughout the ages,

All buddhas and bodhisattvas,

All avatars and holy sages,

You who have seen the face of God,

You who have attained the highest truth,

You who have graced the world with your divine presence among us,

Stay through the countless ages

And pray for us all,

Work tirelessly for our liberation from ignorance,

Save us from endless lives of suffering,

Hear us from the depths of despair

And answer us from the throne of bliss.

Our hearts belong to you always.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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original by philip roeland - http://www.fotopedia.com/users/eq304r1pgkg9a

May I have the desire to return to this world countless times if I can in any way be of service to others.

May a spring of compassion and loving-kindness well up in me.

May I experience the suffering of others, and may I understand its source, and know that my own suffering is no different.

May I strive constantly and diligently to attain to the highest wisdom that I may serve others with no thought for myself.

May I work without ego, without pride, without selfish desire, and with the attitude that my life is not my own, but a trust given me for a time.

May I constantly express sincere gratitude for my many blessings.

May all beings have this same wish, that suffering may be wiped out entirely.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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