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hs-2009-28-b-large_webYou are the place where all things come to an end.

We will have our eternal rest in you.

But eternity is meaningless when time disappears,

when the cosmos itself winks out.

How can I ponder the vastness of Your heart

which beats within every living being?

Just give me pure love for Your holy feet,


and let me pass my days as you will.


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Mystic_Mountain,_Hubble_imagesHow can I contemplate you, who has seen the rise and fall of universes?

How can I stand before you and demand things?

From the most minute speck to the greatest of suns, you know everywhere, everything. You are everywhere, everything.

It’s too much for me to even begin to understand, so I won’t bother. You keep your infinite amounts of time and your galaxies and celestial realms coming into being and lasting billions of years and falling into nothingness and coming again — you deal with all that.

I’ll just sit here and love you, and hope that it’s enough, because I think it is.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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All-Compassionate One, be always the foremost thought in my mind.

In illness and health, longing and fulfillment, sadness and bliss,

Grant that I may see you at work and know that it is good.


You are the source of all things, the material of all worlds,

The soul of my soul, heart of my heart,

The air that I breathe and the reason that I am.


For all things should I praise You.

Every moment I should thank You.

With every action, grant that I may worship you.


How can I conceive of Your grandeur,

In whose mind has the universe its being?

Not by anyone can You truly be known.


Yet You dwell as the true self

In the heart of every being.

We are One beyond the mind’s understanding.


Praise and glory and worship to You

For this Grace, this miracle of Being!

The One God, the One Truth,

The All in All,

In every faith, in every heart, everywhere.


Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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