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Child LaborerDear Father of all, compassionate and loving, relieve the suffering of the children of this world.

They live with poverty, neglect, violence and hunger. They endure endless privation, and grow up without love and nurturing.

So many causes and campaigns, churches and temples, palaces and towers of greed, while the children cry in the darkest corners of squalor, debasement and tragedy.

Even for those children in fine homes, surrounded by comfort, sheltered behind class and wealth, how many have love, virtuous guidance, tender understanding and empathy?

The children are the jewels of society, the treasure of every nation. But they are neglected like dross,  rubbish.

The children are the voiceless majority.

Shelter them and bless them, Lord. Nurture and love them. But above all, turn the hearts of all who see them. Let us never ignore their needs. Give us the fortitude to protect them, the will to work selflessly, tirelessly for them, and the understanding to love them unconditionally.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.


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Our Light

Our LightHow did we lose it, that sense of who we are? How did we come to think we need to take from one another, lie to one another, hurt and kill one another?

How could we ever think this is the way life is meant to be lived?

Did you watch us lose our way and wonder? Did you engineer it for some grand plan? Is it beyond questions, beyond reason?

Either way, it is you we depend on. You, our foundation, our example, our goal and our true, hidden self.

Grant us the grace of compassion, the wisdom of loving, and the desire to set ourselves to rights. Light us through and through, and let us know that we are, indeed, that very same light.

Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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