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flickr-256755929-originalDespite my forgetfulness, You remember me.

Despite my fickleness, You are faithful to me.

Despite my shortsightedness, You always watch over me.

You are with me when I am not with You,

Loving me when I neglect You,

Deserving when I give You nothing,

You are always and forever.

Make me to Know you, my God.


*A hearty thanks to my dear Otter for keeping up with this blog during my recovery. I am blessed to have received her poignant and touching contributions.



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silhouettes-of-people-along-the-coast-watching-the-sunset_w725_h485Lord of all things, Mother of the universe, friend of every soul,

grant me the humility to realize the insignificance of my little self.

May I search every being I encounter and find you dwelling within them.

May I worship you in my every thought, word and deed.

Give me the fortitude to control my scattered mind,

that I may attain the wisdom I need to be of service to all beings.

Give me pure love and devotion for you.

Be near me always.

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Muslim_at_prayer_in_Ortakoy_MosqueAs I lay myself down to sleep, let me remember, Master, that it is at your feet that I slumber.

May my thoughts be of nothing but you, my wishes be to love and serve you, and my dreams be filled with the sense of your presence.

Keep my loved ones safe and content.

Hold all troubles at bay.

Grant that the morning may bring me the sense of peace that comes with the knowledge of your boundless love for me.

May the new day bring an end to suffering.

I give myself over to your purposes. Grant that I may give myself without reservation or thought of myself.

Let my day be filled with you, dedicated to you, sanctified by you.

Thank you, Lord, for your endless blessings. There is no greater miracle than the love with which you shower us.

May every hour find me praising you. May I ceaselessly worship you with all that I do. Make my life long that I may adore you for many years to come. But should my life be cut short, may I die chanting your holy name, and be reborn into a family who loves you.

Peace, peace, peace be into all.

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BabyDear little one, you are the Living God.

In your heart, hidden from the ignorant world, is the mightiest divinity. If only people knew, if only they could realize, they would all worship at your feet.

You are not this youthful body, with its weaknesses and confusion. You are the Infinite One, who has graced my life through serving yours.

You are not this limited mind, innocent of worldly things and sacred things as well. You are the Knowledge that dispels darkness, the light of divine wisdom.


O Divine Parent, none know better than you the joys and sorrows of loving a child.

Grant that I may always see the holiness of my duty.

Grant that I may always worship you in the hearts of my children.

May I remember always that they are truly yours,

Yet may I cling to them like the treasures that they are.


Peace, peace, peace be unto all.

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